Refuse to Settle.

We’ve got one life. One shot. Who do you want to BE? What do you want to DO? Dream. Think BIG. Bigger. Try something new. Keep. Getting. Better.

The Lifewheel.

This is the battle tested core practice that is not for the faint of heart. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill self-help nonsense; it’s a relentless framework that’ll elevate every area of your life with practical action steps and real results.

It all started with a desire to share what we’ve learned.

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Addicted to Betterment is a podcast for leaders and high achievers who are wired for sharpening themselves or are looking for a regular system to develop themselves. Hosts, David and Nikki Gregory use a core practice called The Life Wheel that provides a framework for listeners to design and track progress for their ideal life experience.

What We Offer

Betterment Peer Groups

Surround yourself with a core group of growth minded individuals who will take big steps forward together in dreaming and designing their ideal life. 

Couples Retreats

This is not couples therapy, it’s a transformative journey with your life partner away from your typical environment and among other growth-oriented couples. Imagine aligning your dreams and aspirations, together in a serene mansion nestled in nature with five star accommodations. 

Life Wheel Mastery

Not completely satisfied with the results you’re getting in life? We’ve got a system to help. We believe that The Life Wheel is THE system for all people to leverage to achieve a fulfilling life. It’s simple and it’s unique for each individual person. Our goal is to help you create your Life Wheel to work for you.

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