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Surround yourself with the people, tools and accountability to live your best self. 

Addicted To Betterment is a way of life and with support, we all can enjoy the journey to our best selves together.

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Addicted to Betterment is a podcast for leaders and high achievers who are wired for sharpening themselves or are looking for a regular system to develop themselves. Hosts, David and Nikki Gregory use a core practice called The Life Wheel that provides a framework for listeners to design and track progress for their ideal life experience.

Our Team

Meet the Team

David Gregory

Founder + Coach 

I am in relentless pursuit of excellence in every area of Life. I’m incredibly grateful for opportunities to achieve that and to help others do the exact same.

I am a dedicated Father of 4 uniquely different and incredible young men. Being a father has always been my greatest source of fulfillment in life.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole adult life. My passion is around inspiring people’s growth and impacting lives in a positive way. I understand the stresses, challenges, and the joy of the entrepreneur who pursues their dreams in business, and in life. My personal commitment is around overcoming massive obstacles to achieve big goals and that’s really the WHY behind the way I approach every single day.

Addicted To Betterment started as a podcast for my wife, Nikki and I, to commit to lifelong learning and sharing our knowledge with others. The podcast has paved the way for a community and we are so excited to experience what’s next!

Nikki Lewallen Gregory

Co-Host + Coach 

I am passionate about living an intentional life, a life by design. I am a dreamer and an activator. I love to help people get clear on their vision for the future and what a meaningful life is to them. Once their WHY is clear, I love to create a HOW plan. I believe that we must surround ourselves with a diverse group of amazing people who pour into the growth of each other together. 

My husband, David and I, created Addicted To Betterment with a podcast because of our passion for learning and sharing what we learn with others. We know that community is so important to experience a meaningful life and relationships are the key to successful advancement in any area of life. 

The podcast created a vision for something bigger; a place to gather and learn together. We’re now building Addicted to Betterment, the community and we’re excited to continue growing an amazing group of humans committed to being their best and helping others do the same. 

Client Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Addicted To Betterment has been instrumental in my journey towards self-improvement. The community and coaching have provided the support and inspiration I needed to achieve my goals.
Addicted To Betterment is more than just a life coach; it is a community of high achievers committed to self-improvement. The peer support and tools have been invaluable in my journey.
Addicted To Betterment is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential. The coaching, peer support, and life transformation tools have changed my life.
Addicted To Betterment is the ultimate coach for anyone seeking to excel in all aspects of life. The community, coaching, and tools provide the perfect recipe for success.