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Addicted To Betterment is a way of life and with support, we all can enjoy the journey to our best selves together.

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Addicted to Betterment is a podcast for leaders and high achievers who are wired for sharpening themselves or are looking for a regular system to develop themselves. Hosts, David and Nikki Gregory use a core practice called The Life Wheel that provides a framework for listeners to design and track progress for their ideal life experience.

What We Offer

Men's Betterment Peer Groups

Surround yourself with people that will sharpen you!

Prepare for an energetic, purpose-filled atmosphere—an immersive exploration into life’s challenges and the core of masculinity.

Couple Retreats

Take a refreshing break from your normal routine to deep dive with your partner and other growth minded couples in an incredible environment with five star accommodations!

Come along on a voyage toward a well-defined vision for your future journey in life.

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