Men’s Betterment Brotherhood Groups

Prepare for a high-energy, purpose filled, atmosphere with an immersive exploration into the core of masculinity and leveling up in every segment of the life wheel.

What is it?

This is a virtual, peer group experience. This experience is based around your individual life wheel. At the end of the experience, you will:

  • Form a tribe of men with a shared mindset of leveling up in life.
  • Gain clarity on your vision and mission for each facet of the life wheel.
  • Have tools, knowledge and inspiration to level up in each segment of your Life Wheel.
  • Be strengthened, challenged and rejuvenated to pursue greatness as a man.

Who is it for?

This is for the man who gives a damn. It’s for the man who wants to be a great husband, who wants to lead his family with love and strength. This is for the man who wants to get better as a father.  It’s for the man who truly wants to get better, in life, in every area. This is for the man that is seeking to be intentional about the impact he is making on the world around him. It is for the man wanting to be great in his professional life. It is for the man that seeks to be a force, for good. It’s for Any man unwilling to settle for average, those determined to challenge societal expectations, and individuals aspiring to enrich their relationships, spiritual strength, physical fitness, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and professional success. It’s a place for men striving to embrace unconditional self-love, and love for others, while relentlessly pursuing personal growth.

What to expect?

Brace yourself. We get that this isn’t for everyone. We’re okay with that. This is a dynamic, purpose-driven environment—a deep dive into life’s game and the essence of manhood as it applies to every facet of the life wheel. Here, the energy is high, intentions are clear, and the focus is unwavering. Get ready for a journey that amplifies leadership skills, nurtures love, strengthens spiritual awareness, enhances vitality, fortifies inner strength, and cultivates a winning mindset. Expect challenges that inspire, tools that equip, encouragement that uplifts, and empowerment that strengthens your commitment, your commitment to Betterment.

Does any of this resonate with you? Are you that man?
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Couples Betterment Retreats

Take a refreshing break from your normal routine to do some deep dive life planning with your partner and be inspired by other growth minded couples. We’ll retreat to an incredible environment with five-star accommodations.

Betterment Bond

It’s one thing to be on a personal betterment journey, yourself, but it goes to a whole next level when you’re on a growth journey with your life partner. Imagine if you and your partner were completely aligned on your dreams, both as an individual and as a couple. And what if your entire life was in sync, knowing each other’s aspirations for all the different hats you wear? Join us for an Addicted to Betterment Couples Retreat in a mansion out in nature with other amazing humans. Take time to reflect and learn things that will advance you both individually and your relationship with each other. Accommodations guaranteed to be memorable!

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Addicted To Betterment Life Wheel Mastery

Not satisfied completely with the results you’re getting in life? Are you trying to stack up better financial gains? Looking to level up that fitness game? Hungry for that career or business breakthrough? Real talk: sometimes we miss the mark on our goals because we just aren’t crystal clear on what we’re chasing, the grind needed, and the systems required to achieve them. We get it. We’ve been there. Ready to flip the script?

Let’s do it.

Friends toasting with wine in bar

Industry Specific Peer Executive Betterment Group

This is a virtual experience of high-level professionals within the same industry who come together to share insights, knowledge, and experiences. These groups are composed of executives, senior managers, and leaders from various companies operating within a particular sector. The purpose is to facilitate collaboration, foster innovation,  address common challenges, and gain knowledge from a subject matter expert, within that specific industry.

Key Benefits:

These industry-specific executive peer groups contribute to the professional development of their members and help shape the direction of their respective industries by fostering collaboration and shared learning among key decision-makers.


What our clients say?

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Addicted To Betterment has been instrumental in my journey towards self-improvement. The community and coaching have provided the support and inspiration I needed to achieve my goals.
Addicted To Betterment is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential. The coaching, peer support, and life transformation tools have changed my life.
Addicted To Betterment is more than just a life coach; it is a community of high achievers committed to self-improvement. The peer support and tools have been invaluable in my journey.
Addicted To Betterment is the ultimate coach for anyone seeking to excel in all aspects of life. The community, coaching, and tools provide the perfect recipe for success.